We can help you find a job

Only 20% of job openings are publicly advertised on job sites or in newspapers. This means there is a hidden market where 80% of jobs are accessible only to those who develop a structured job search approach.

That is why it is important to be able to identify these job opportunities and to benefit from skills that help you get interviews with decision-makers and convince them that you are the right person for a sought-after position.

This is where we help you. We offer consulting and guidance services that will enable you to look for and obtain a job to match your qualifications and aspirations.

We help you to:

  • develop your abilities to get a job
  • find new paths leading to jobs
  • use job searching tools
  • gain access to the hidden market with 80% of the jobs to be filled
  • write a professional resume
  • contact employers and obtain appointments
  • have successful interviews with decision-makers

Following an assessment of your needs, we will direct you toward the services that suit you best, in group or individual sessions.