Investissement Compétences

In March 2014, the Centre was awarded the Investissement COMPÉTENCES certification issued jointly by Services Québec and the Commission des partenaires du marché du travail.

This certification is granted to businesses that invest in employee training and skills development in order to increase their competitiveness, inspire new ideas, and foster innovation, thereby allowing employees to improve and progress within their fields.

Personal skills, experience and know-how are the core of our success. This certification demonstrates our commitment to integrate employee training into our business values and practices. We believe it is important to create an environment in which our employees can develop their skills and progress, as this in turn enables us to provide even better counselling support to our job-seeking clientele.

Press release

Remarkable Employer

In January 2013, the Côte-des-Neiges Job Search Centre has received Remarkable Employer certification from the Bureau de normalisation du Québec following an in-depth analysis of our human resources practices. This certification is awarded to organizations which adopt best human resources management practices.

To obtain the certification, the Centre conducted a confidential employee survey and received a score of more than 70% in the study of 68 human resources practices in 14 areas.

The certification has been renewed in April 2015. 

In order to obtain the renewal, the Centre had to conduct again a confidential employee survey and receive a score of more than 75% in the study of 69 human resources practices in 14 areas (communications, working conditions, atmosphere, quality of life in the workplace, etc.).

The Centre is the first non-profit organization in the Greater Montréal Area to be granted Remarkable Employer certification. This achievement demonstrates that our human resources practices are effective in creating a motivating and stimulating workplace for our employees.

Moreover, this certification lends credibility to the consulting services we provide our clients.

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