Mutual support

This is first and foremost a way of receiving help and comments in daily tasks, and not just when problems arise. It provides a sense of responsibility and of being part of a team. It involves connecting with colleagues to ensure the full execution of mandates and the excellence of the services provided.


This value is based on the faith in human potential, the respect for human dignity, the concern with fairness to all, and the quest for balance between people and their surroundings. It means respecting the strengths and limitations of people and groups and taking into account the human, social and cultural differences as well as each person’s values.


Everyone working at the Côte-des-Neiges Job Search Centre is committed to getting things right the first time, every time, at the lowest cost. This commitment includes assessing clients’ needs accurately, keeping clients well informed, indicating our limits, and having reserved the right not to provide a service that goes against our principles.

This means using every means available to prevent errors and failures, aiming for excellence in our actions and keeping in mind the assurance of continuous improvement in the quality of services provided.


Everyone is committed to honesty in their relationships with other team members as the basis for teamwork and development. This means telling the truth clearly and simply by using the right words in a tactful and appropriate manner when speaking with the people concerned.


Each value is based on a conviction of fairness in socio-economic development, encouraging team members to develop their skills and to identify and respond to their training needs as much as possible. It also consists of organizing activities that promote social exchanges, thereby ensuring a healthy balance. In addition, it relies on knowledge of the strengths that govern changes in the job market as well as the actions that can help adapt services in ways to reflect these changes. Finally, it ensures fair and equitable compensation, within the Centre’s financial constraints, for a highly qualified team whose primary goal is to improve the situation of participants.