Job Finding Club

Yes. You will be actively searching for work during these three weeks. You are expected to contact potential employers and meet with them.

Yes, the session is effective. The average success rate is 75% within three months of completing the Job Finding Club session.

No, since this session is not an academic course, it is an active job search.

No. The services are free, thanks to the financial participation of Services Québec.

The objective of the three-week session is to help you find a job. So, when you find a job, your goal is reached and you leave the session to start working.

Within the three-week session, you will have access to a documentation and research Centre, fax, photocopier, computers and the Internet in addition to the professional support of counsellors.

No. The Côte-des-Neiges Job Search Centre is not a placement agency. You will receive all the information and support necessary for a successful and active job search. You will find a job by yourself.

No, as long as you have the training and experience matching your job objective. The Centre works with people with different educational backgrounds, whether they studied in Canada or in another country. The services are aimed at professionals as well as technical specialists, manual workers and office workers.

You must be 18 years of age and older, be able to speak and write English or French, be available to start working immediately, be able to attend the session full time, have the right to work legally in Canada, have a clear and realistic job objective and you must live on the Island of Montréal.

Job counselling for new immigrants

You must be available for an active job search. It is preferable however to call us for an appointment with one of our counsellors to discuss your situation.

Job counselling for manual workers

No, we are not a placement agency. All of our services are designed to assist you in your job search, although in certain cases our counsellors may facilitate contact with employers.

No. You will have to review your employment objectives. You may be able to take part in a session of the Job Finding Club or take advantage of our Job counselling service for new immigrants.

You can take advantage of our job counselling services for manual workers if you are a member of a visible minority.


No. However our service is limited to the posting of the offer.

Yes, you may send us a job offer. The Centre has a job board where we post offers we receive. Any participant interested in the offer would contact the employer directly.

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