Team members

Our team consists of experienced and dynamic professional advisers.

They hold an university-level training in employability that enables them to provide effective counseling and coaching services to job seekers.

You benefit from their experience and expertise in helping you find a job quickly, according to your expectations and qualifications.


Roxane Stonely
[email protected]
514-733-3026 ext. 216

Natalia Walwitch
Administrative assistant
[email protected]
514-733-3026 ext. 227

Gussie Noza
Information Agent
[email protected]
514-733-3026 ext. 257

Amal Obaïd
Assistant Director of Business Operations
[email protected]
514-733-3026 ext. 226

Heidy Chabarekh
Receptionist Secretary
[email protected]
514-733-3026 ext. 200

Employment Counsellors

Diana Péter
[email protected]
514-733-3026 ext. 220

Émilie Cléroux
[email protected]
514-733-3026 ext. 206

Nina Colette Barry
[email protected]
514-733-3026 ext. 239

Stéphanie Rose
[email protected]
514-733-3026 ext. 225

Stevens Dessources
[email protected]
514-733-3026 ext. 245


Angus Seager
[email protected]
514-733-3026 ext. 205


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