How to present yourself over the phone

You will spend much of your job hunting time on the phone. Your first contact with a prospective employer is important, because it will determine whether or not you get a meeting with the person responsible for hiring.

Unfortunately, many people lack confidence or have some difficulty expressing themselves clearly when contacting employers. The following tips can greatly improve your performance on the phone.

Be prepared. Make sure you express the objective of your call clearly and precisely. Avoid saying things like “uh” repeatedly or any other signs of hesitation. Your words must be clear, concise and consistent.

Introduce yourself in a courteous and professional manner. The tone of your voice reflects your mood and energy, and the first few seconds of conversation give the caller a first impression of your personality. Use a tone of voice that projects confidence and energy. This will create a positive image that will encourage the employer to meet you.

Do not speak too slowly or too fast. The people you speak to will generally have little time for you. If you speak too slowly, you might bore them. If you speak too fast, they will make you repeat yourself. Take a deep breath before you make your call.

Smile! When you smile while talking on the phone, your voice will sound more pleasant and the other person will be delighted to hear you. If you find it difficult to smile, place a small mirror in front of you!

Express your gratitude. When you have the information you want (an appointment, a person’s name, etc.) thank people for their availability and the time they spent with you.

Telephone contact with prospective employers is very important because they will base further action on the impression you make and the information you provide. Feel free to ask for help in preparing for phone calls.

Job hunting requires a full-time structured approach. Don’t leave anything to chance. Keep your resume up to date, take control of your job search, and succeed in your job interviews. The reward for your efforts will be a job that is right for you.

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